“The Band That Has No Name” Is Working Together and Having Fun

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“The Band That Has No Name” is really starting to gel as a band, after a few weeks of getting to know each other. This band is made up of a diverse group of musicians, two of whom are new to the Rockers program and all of whom are different ages.

Keegan on drums and Jonathan on guitar were both in Rockers bands last year, but are working together for the first time. Aidan, who was in Young Rockers bands for a couple of years, decided early in the summer that he wanted to commit himself to playing bass exclusively, so he spent the last four months practicing regularly at home. He set a challenge for himself to become good enough to play at the Rockers level, pushed himself hard, and was able to meet that goal. Eli joined IIM the week before rehearsals began and, on the strength of his experience singing in Londonderry School’s fifth and sixth grade band program last semester, came in on vocals.

Together, they make up “The Band That Has No Name.” The first song they put together was “Feel Invincible,” by Skillet, which, after some initial frustration, is “going really good” in the words of one band member. They have now chosen their next two songs, both by The Foo Fighters, and this week began putting together “The Sky Is A Neighborhood.”

Everyone is very proud of the way this group continues to work hard as they fine tune the Skillet song, learn new material, and have fun together in the process.