Summer Camp Enrollment Begins Tomorrow, Friday, 2/21

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The IIM Staff is excited to release its 2020 Summer Camp lineup tomorrow, Friday, February 21. As in previous years, we are offering Early Bird discounts for all camps, when you sign up before March 31.

Popular camp opportunities like week long, full day Rockers and Young Rockers camps, taught by Habiba Miller and Alex Valsing are again on the schedule. These two camps have been some of the most popular offerings over the last 5 years. Students get to enjoy all the fun of learning new songs and playing together, including performing an end of week live concert for family and friends. They also get to explore marketing techniques, signage, band attire, and stage presentation.

Wade’s very popular FUNdamental Drumming 1 and 2 half day camps will also be on the schedule this summer. Drumming 1 features kit setup, basic hand and foot techniques, timing and tempo, simple charting, and playing along to a song, all as part of this fun experience.

Drumming 2 is for more experienced students and highlights understanding time signature, beat recognition, and foot independence, high hat technique, and playing along with a band.

New this summer is Bucket Drumming 101. As Wade says,”The Bucket Brigade is looking for new ‘bucketeers.’ …You don’t have to be a drummer to be part of the fun. But it may be our fault if you become one!” Anyone who saw his Drum Ensemble this year will know what he’s talking about!  Everything Wade does turns into a fun, educational, positively challenging experience for his students. And Bucket Drumming is the simplest way to get in on the fun!

Several other highlights of the summer half-day camps include Camela’s “Camp Karaoke,” a fun week for 7 to 11 year olds full of group singing, karaoke parties, some basic vocal techniques, and explorations of simple melody and harmony. Titus is offering FUNdamental Guitar, a group guitar camp for brand new and/or beginning guitar students, and his Shred Shed camp for more accomplished students, age 12 years old and above, which will concentrate on guitar soloing and live performance. Also, Jay is offering a FUNdamental Bass half day camp for fledgling bass players to “learn to be the FoUNdation of supporting any type of musical group. The low down on the low end. Fingers and picks, thunderous licks, ear pleasing tricks!”

Finally, Jay will also bring his live and studio sound engineering expertise to two full day camps, Recording At Home – Garage Bands and Basement Tapes, and Playing Out – Your P.A. Sets the Stage. Signing up to do both of these camps gets you a drastic reduction in a package price!

Go to our website,, and click on 2020 Summer Camps to get all the details, including dates, number of students, and prices. Check back with us in the coming weeks, as we will feature more details about these fun summer opportunities.