Sound Engineering, Music Theory, and Song Writing Classes Are Going Strong

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While our Rockers and Young Rockers bands are back in full rehearsals, Immersed In Music’s classes in Sound Engineering, Music Theory, and Song Writing are going strong. It’s exciting to watch how students are blossoming and having fun in these areas after working closely with IIM staff since last Fall.

Now that most of the recorded tracks from the studio are being transferred, the Sound Engineering class is gearing up to do the mixing, which is the next step in preparing the songs for eventual release on this year’s compilation CD. Students who are interested in learning about how both studio and live sound works should consider exploring this exciting world with our very own Jay Kirssin. Jay is highly regarded in both local and national circles for his many years of experience with all aspects of sound engineering (including a 1991 Grammy nomination for recording and mixing!).

Many students are currently auditioning for entrance into a music and arts program. If your child is considering pursuing this educational path at some point in the future, you may want to explore the benefits of IIM’s Music Theory class. IIM instructors have worked with many students over the past several years to help them prepare for the auditions and tests that often accompany the entrance prerequisites for these types of schools. Instruction is individually tailored to the needs of each student, whether they are looking to attend a high school/college program or just want to develop a better understanding of how and why music is put together the way it is.

Finally, our Songwriting class is perfect for students feeling the creative urge to write songs.  Our staff follows a “tame your inner critic” approach, as they approach the process of writing songs in a relaxing, fun, and challenging manner, encouraging students to discover their own voice.

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