Rodeo Kittens in a Coffee Mug. . . Yes, that’s really a band name!

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Young Rockers is an introductory band experience, but most of all, it’s a chance to find out just how much fun everyone can have working together toward a common musical goal. And Rodeo Kittens in a Coffee Mug are doing just that.

Samantha, Sabina, and brothers, Luke, and Chris, love getting creative with their music. This is evident not only with the name they have chosen, but also in the way they like to experiment with sound. In fact, it sometimes takes a lot of encouragement from the staff to keep this energetic, talented group of beginning musicians together and moving along the same track.

Yet succeeding at learning songs is indeed what this band has done! So far they are playing Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and Little Nas X’s big summer hit, “Old Town Road.” And they have just started an awesome version of Post Malone’s “Sunflower.”

They are also beginning to work on how to present their set at the upcoming live shows, as are all the bands. Mid-year shows will take place on Monday and Tuesday, December 16 and 17. More information will be coming about these great live concerts. Mark your calendars and come out to The Londonderry School to watch this developing band rock the house!