Rockers Show Their Stuff at Placements

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Rockers really did a great job in preparing for this week’s Placements experience. The whole staff sat down with each Rocker to ask them music theory questions and have them play the song of their choice on their preferred instrument.

It is often an intense 20 minutes for many of the students, especially the ones who never had to do this before. This year was no different, but the staff kept it light and did everything they could to help them relax and show off their musical abilities. Within a few minutes, students and staff were all joking and having fun together.

The purpose of Placements is to let each student show what they can do and where they are in their musical development. Placements are not an audition, because everyone who comes into the program is given a spot. We use the information and observation to place each person in a band that will enable them to do their best, have the most success, and have the most fun.

With Placements finished, parents and students have now been notified about their band lineups and schedules, and the excitement for a new program year is building. Rehearsals start this coming Monday and Tuesday!

It’s not too late to join us!  We still have spaces in many of our programs to add new students.  Please contact us this week if you’re interested in joining the fun!