Rockers Band “Revolution” Is Reaching For New Heights This Year

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Revolution is a band on a mission this year! With all four members being seasoned veterans of Immersed In Music, and with many of the members requesting to work together after being in different groups during previous years, the group has gelled quickly.

The bond Maddy, Gavin, Eli, and Denim are establishing is already encouraging deeper friendships. They have been having a lot of fun while joking around, but they also are accomplishing serious work. They quickly put together their version of George Thorogood’s “Move It On Over.” ┬áThen after reaching a fast consensus on the name Revolution, band members began exchanging ideas on an original composition inspired by the name.

Studio sessions with them this winter should also be exciting, given that all four students have several year’s recording experience under their belts. Plus, Denim is adding a fresh perspective to the overall process, since he is also enrolled in our 10-month Sound Engineering program.

This is a group that really wants to work hard and achieve big goals. By setting their sights high and committing to work together, Revolution is poised to be a band with a perfect mix of covers and originals.