Rockers and Rockers Prep Students Preparing for Placements

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Rockers Prep and Rockers musicians received music on Monday that they will use to prepare for Placements on September 9 and 10. Every year, IIM staff chooses four songs for the students in those courses to choose from, as they prepare for their Placement interview.

It is important that all students understand that Placements are not an audition, but rather an opportunity to show the staff what they understand musically. Everyone has two weeks to prepare. Each student selects one of the four songs to learn in whatever way they want. If they have a private instructor; if they want to access internet tutorials; if they want to simply listen to it; or if they use sheet music, charts, or tab, all of the above are acceptable.

The idea is to let instructors see how students approach learning a song, so staff will know how best to work with each musician, as well as how to help all students within each band communicate with one another. Interviews also include questions about music theory, as a way of knowing what concepts instructors will need to teach during rehearsals.

After collecting all the information about each student, staff will finalize the formation of each band in preparation for the start of rehearsals on September 16 and 17.