Rehearsals Are Going Strong As Bands Add New Songs

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With the studio recording completed and Sound Engineering students preparing for the mixing process, all IIM bands are now busy during rehearsals adding songs to their bands’ repertoires.

The Young Rockers bands are very excited to be adding new music. SNAGLJK has just gotten all the way through Marshmello’s “Happier,” and is working on fine tuning it. The Crazy Dragonettes added Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” and are actually exploring the idea of writing an original song that has all members contributing ideas!

PurpleGreenEctoplasmDucksFromMars” has worked hard to put together Green Day’s “Holiday” and just this week began “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy. Rockers Prep is where students learn and grow together, exploring the best ways to communicate respectfully with each other, while dealing with the natural frustrations that come with the individual responsibilities of entering the Rockers level. This band is doing an awesome job of rising to these challenges!

All the Rockers bands are going full speed ahead. IIM veteran musicians in Orbit, The Breads, and Revolution are really working hard to have enough material for each of their bands to do a 45-minute set. Orbit recently added “Somebody Told Me” (The Killers) and “Don’t Let Me Down” (The Beatles), as well as a small group version of “Blackbird” (also The Beatles) and “Corduroy Dreams” (Rex Orange County). This past week, they began practicing “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” by The Killers. The Breads are now doing “Brain Stew” (Green Day) and “Song 2 (Blur). Revolution recently spent one whole rehearsal adding their input on a new original that Denim has written and is very excited to perform.

Woody’s Roundup finished “Wonderwall” by Oasis in time to be the last song they recorded in the studio.  They are now working on Chuck Berry’s “Rock and Roll Music.” KAAPE has spent the last two rehearsals learning “No Rain” by Blind Melon, while Ellie was finishing recording her vocals for the three studio songs.

As is obvious from this list, IIM band members have an incredibly wide range of musical interests and influences. What is wonderful about this is how they expose their bandmates to new artists and broaden each others’ musical tastes. It all adds up to the kids having fun and growing as musicians.