“PurpleGreenEctoplasmDucksFromMars”… Yes, That’s the Name of the Band!!

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This year’s Rockers Prep band “PurpleGreenEctoplasmDucksFromMars” is a hard working group of friends, many of whom started out playing together in previous years in Young Rockers bands and/or Young Rockers summer camps. They have experimented with playing different instruments and are now settling on the ones they want to master.

The one requirement for being a member of a Rockers Prep band is to focus on one instrument. Jayla on vocals, Cooper on drums, Charlie on guitar, and Clark on bass have been very clear on what they wanted for most of the past year in Young Rockers. Viola was torn between bass and guitar, and Sophie continued to waiver between guitar and piano through the beginning of the summer. Viola decided to take individual guitar lessons and started to find satisfaction in them. Sophie tried lessons on both, but soon discovered she was really enjoying learning to play the piano. At that point, she committed herself to practicing and, for the next two months, worked really hard in an attempt to be able to join the Rockers Prep band.

Now that they have been together for almost three months, their dedication is showing great results. So far, they have learned “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day and “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy.

They are excited to show off the results of all this hard work when they perform their first live show on Monday, December 17 on the Londonderry School stage. Come out to hear the great work this group has accomplished!