Placements Are Not Auditions

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Each Rockers level student has now scheduled a time for this coming Monday or Tuesday for their Placement. It’s important that they understand that this 20-minute individual meeting with the staff is not an audition.

The word “audition” suggests that they could, in some way, be rejected for participating in Immersed in Music, which is absolutely not the case. Instead, it is an opportunity for each student to learn things about which tools work best for them and for the staff to learn about the way each student thinks about learning a song.

Musicians learn in many different ways, and there is no “right” way. Many musicians learn exclusively by ear, picking out melodies, rhythm patterns and chord structures by listening. Others learn strictly by sheet music, tab or chord charts, and quite a few use a variety of tools in order to figure out how to play a song.

In order to be successful in a band format, everyone needs to understand what works for them. Then they can learn how to work and communicate together with their bandmates, even when different members approach the learning process differently.