Perfect Time to Learn a New Instrument (or Expand on Your Main One)

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With the holiday season now here, isn’t it time to consider the gift of individual music lessons? Or have you (or someone you know) got the Pandemic Blues and need to lift your spirits?

Whether you know an adult who has always dreamed of learning to play (or sing) music, a child who is looking to try out something new, or an accomplished musician looking to take your skills to a whole new level, Immersed In Music has openings in online instrument and vocal instruction.

Because so many of us are stuck inside this Winter, learning to play an instrument can provide a much needed self-satisfaction boost, along with the stimulating, intellectual challenge.

Our instructors currently have openings for guitar, electric bass, piano, drums, and vocals. Half hour lessons, once per week, can be arranged to meet your individual time schedule. Also, because all lessons are currently being offered online, there’s no travel time, masking, or social distancing to worry about!

Go to to find out about our talented group of instructors and the monthly cost of lessons. Also check out some of our other online music education opportunities. If you have further questions, contact us at or call Rick Stevens at 717-645-2150.