“Orbit” Sets High Goals for Itself

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Veterans of several different Immersed In Music bands from last year have reimagined themselves as a new band and are now calling themselves “Orbit.”  These students have been working in the program for between three and five years and are now poised to really take off.

Nick, Madison, and Dakota worked together last year and have brought in Paramore’s “Hard Times,” one of the songs they recorded for the IIM 2017-18 Compilation CD. Nick’s intricate keyboard work, Madison’s solid rhythm guitar, and Dakota’s complex drumming were highlights when they performed live last Spring. The song takes on new depth now as it is augmented with Jack’s funky guitar stylings and Yusuf and Ella’s experienced lead vocals.

Other highlights of their new set include “Steady As She Goes” by The Raconteurs and “Caught In The Middle,” another Paramore song. This group has also compiled a significant list of other songs as they strive to put together a 45 minute set, much of which they hope to unveil at the December live shows.

There is a great deal of talent in this band and they are all showing signs that they are willing to go above and beyond in order to achieve success. Yusuf has recently begun taking an IIM class on Music Theory, in order to better understand how and why music is put together. Ella (vocals and piano), Nick (piano), and Dakota (drums) continue to take regular weekly lessons with IIM instructors in order to consistently improve on their chosen instruments. Jack and Madison spend large amounts of time at home on bass and guitar to make sure they are prepared each week for group rehearsals.

All this hard work is already showing in the way they are working together. This kind of commitment, coupled with the camaraderie and fun which is evident during their rehearsals, is bound to take “Orbit” onto higher and higher levels of success!