Online Bands: Experiments, Songwriting, and Fun!

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Immersed In Music has now entered its second month of online band experiences, and the reviews are in! Students are having fun at the same time our staff is challenging them in new and exciting ways. We are all learning how to learn (and teach!) in a digital format as we navigate the frustrations, joys, boredom, and difficulties of the stay-at-home directives.

Orbit has been working with Jay and Wade, and decided to engage in an experiment with working together as online musicians. Many professional musicians are struggling with the sound latency issues of playing online. Jay suggested that they try a “stacked up shared file method” as an exercise. Maddy will record the drums for a new setlist song “Jenny” at 115 BPM and send the file to Jay, who will download it onto a multitrack recorder. He will then send it on to each musician in succession until everyone has recorded their individual part. Stay tuned to find out if it works!

Wingspan, along with Intergalactical and Rodeo Kittens, are writing song lyrics. Wingspan, as a more advanced Rockers band, is using lyric writing as a way to explore and express their feelings about being in quarantine. The Young Rockers and Advanced Young Rockers are having fun doing parody lyrics of songs they know.

Black Bandits, The Anonymous Penguins, and This Band Has No Name are all beginning to learn how to chart their own instrument parts, as well as identify the different sections of a song they want to add to their repertoire. Open Windows and 4 Times the Fun are enjoying playing online educational music games, sharing personal stories, and having fun together.

Overall, as everyone begins to tire of living in isolation, IIM instructors are providing both a weekly educational experience and an enjoyable diversion from their students’ stay-at-home lives.