Online Bands Continue to Experiment and Collaborate Online

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IIM bands had another enjoyable week online, as they continued to collaborate on all kinds of musical challenges. Older Rockers bands are experimenting, learning to chart, and writing lyrics, while Young Rockers and Advanced Young Rockers bands are having fun playing music games, learning about instruments, and sharing stories about their lives in quarantine.

Orbit and Wingspan are both spending time talking about the frustrations and joys they are feeling about being stuck at home for so long. Wade and Jay are giving them the freedom to share their feelings and then challenging them to write about them. Wingspan had a great start to a group lyric writing project. Orbit had a thoughtful discussion about the pros and cons of reopening too early.

Orbit tried an experiment where drummer Maddy clapped a steady rhythm while guitarist Madison tried playing along. The combination of glitchy wifi and online latency created a result that was hilarious and “was not pretty!” as Wade reported. However, it led to a great discussion in which Sound Engineer Jay was able to use the experience as a teaching tool to explain how sound over the internet works.

Their next experiment is underway, with Maddy having recorded drum parts to the band’s cover of “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” which has been sent to Jay. Jay will prepare the basic recording so the rest of the band can begin to layer their parts and see how it can work to create a whole song while everyone is located in a different place.

At the other end of the age spectrum, Open Windows, 4 Times the Fun, and Intergalactical are all really enjoying telling stories of their lives in quarantine, playing the online, user-generated multiple-choice quiz game, “Kahoots,” and sharing lots of favorite music songs and videos with each other. Rodeo Kittens are having so much fun together writing parodies of some of their favorite music that they are asking for more time together!

As we look at what life might be like for everyone once the stay-at-home orders are lifted, Immersed In Music staff continues to experiment with online music education and evaluate how to change and grow to meet the new challenges. Our goal, as always, is to offer as many different options for music, songwriting, individual lessons, and sound engineering education, so we can continue to help our students flourish as we all adjust to an uncertain environment.