Kick Off!

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Immersed in Music officially kicked off its third year tonight with an expanded Young Rockers program and a new Rockers 3 level of bands.

Our Young Rockers course has become so popular that we have added 2 additional band options on a new night. The first band group listened to 6 song possibilities, narrowed their choices to 2 and eventually selected “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” to learn as their first song.  After some discussion and compromise, they chose instruments and began learning their individual parts for the introduction and first verse. The second group, an all girl band of 6, unanimously selected the song “1985” by Bowling for Soup. They also chose instruments, worked together, began learning their parts, and successfully got through the beginning of their song.

While these groups were going on, Rick Batley and Wade Corbin (going back and forth between YR groups) encouraged the Rockers 3 bands in setting up and working on some new original music, as well as teaching some of last year’s covers to the new IIM members. One of these bands is comprised entirely of new IIM students and they showed an early rapport by discussing similar musical tastes and experimenting with both new covers and different instrument configurations (including breaking out one of our new cajons).  By early evening, all three groups had produced some tangible results and gotten off to a great start.