Intergalactical Blasts Off With Hard Work and Lots of Fun

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Intergalactical is an Advanced Young Rockers group of five young musicians who are all on a mission to succeed.  They are working hard, but still having loads of fun.

Advanced Young Rockers bands are set up to be a stepping stone for students who are narrowing their choice of a main instrument and perfecting their musical skills. This work prepares them for taking on the more difficult responsibilities they will encounter when they join a Rockers band and have to prepare songs for recording in a studio.

Nora, Josie, Ben, and Joseph are all veterans of Young Rockers programs and summer camps and have now moved on to the next level. Oliver is new to the program, but is really fitting in as a bass player on the first two songs, even though he came in thinking he might concentrate on keys. His incredible work ethic and focus are a welcome addition to this band and he often keeps the band on track. Ben’s steady work grounds them, while Josie, Nora, and Joseph’s enthusiasm gives the band energy.

So far this year, Intergalactical has learned two songs, “Wildside,” by Sabrina Carpenter from the movie “Adventures in Babysitting,” and “Wolves,” by Selena Gomez. On both of these, Josie and Nora are joining forces on vocals and Oliver is playing bass. Ben is doing a great job on keys for “Wildside” and taking on a difficult drum part for “Wolves.” Joseph is carrying a solid drumbeat on “Wildside,” and moving to guitar for ”Wolves.”

This band is already showing signs that they may become a solid Rockers band in the not too distant future. Check them out at their first live show in December to see what a great job they are doing!