Individual Vocal and Guitar Lessons and Studio Engineering Classes

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While IIM bands continue to add songs and begin to plan their end of year shows, many students are also taking advantage of new individual lessons in vocal and guitar instruction. Sound Engineering classes, with hands on experiences in the recording studio, are also continuing.

As of the end of January, IIM is now offering the opportunity to take private lessons. There are still a few half hour slots available on Monday and Tuesday between 4:30 and 8:30 pm. Contact Rick Batley at (717)-592-0138.

Instructors are also making themselves available for short periods of time during each evening to give one on one help to students who need a little additional coaching with a particular song during their band rehearsals.

Each night in the studio, students taking the Studio Engineering classes get to work in the control room operating the board under the instruction of Dave Kelly, owner of the Green House Studio. Dave gives each participant the theoretical knowledge of sound engineering, as well as the practical application instruction necessary to do the cutting of the raw tracks for each band. The four month course will end in April with each student working with this basic material and learning how to “mix” the recordings to balance sound levels and add effects.