IIM Students Explore Group Songwriting in Online Meetings

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Immersed In Music instructors have been meeting with interested students of different ages in small-group, online sessions since the third week in June. These sessions are designed to lay musical foundations and do basic songwriting at age-appropriate levels.

The content has been dictated by the group and has included things like exploring the structures of their favorite songs, their interpretation of the meanings behind the lyrics, and other possibilities that can help understand how to write songs.

Young Rockers have concentrated on writing silly lyrics to fit well known songs, turning them into parodies.

Advanced Young Rockers have listened to songs and talked about the things they noticed about the songs. They then dissected each song’s structure, identifying verses, pre-choruses, and choruses, and began figuring out time signatures and counting beats.

Rockers went over ten tips to follow when writing a song, dissected the structure of several songs, and discussed the differences between tempo and song dynamics.

Older Rockers bands have actually begun group songwriting, with some very creative and exciting results. They have also been getting instruction about major, minor, and chromatic scales and their relationships with each other using the “circle of fifths.” This is some higher level music theory that challenges everyone, even some instructors!

As always, the focus is on music education, working together in small groups, and having fun!