IIM Students Are Excited To Get Back to Work

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Young Rockers and Advanced Young Rockers bands returned to rehearsals and started work on their third, and in many cases, fourth songs. It was another chance to learn how to work together: making suggestions, listening to each other’s’ favorite music, voting, and choosing instruments.

Rockers bands, meanwhile, were hard at work refining the songs they plan to record. Orbit is putting the finishing touches on their version of Boston’s big hit “More Than A Feeling.” They have worked out four part harmony background vocals, with Ella, Yusuf, Graham, and Maddy blending their voices beautifully. We can’t wait to hear how this works in the studio!

This Band Has No Name, Black Bandits, and Wingspan were each back at work settling on the three songs they will be recording, tightening up rhythms and arrangements, and making sure everyone was clear on song structure. The hard work that they put into preparing for the December live shows was evident, as each of these three bands are finalizing their plans for the studio.

The Penguin Apocalypse has the biggest challenge because they very recently added Dom as a second vocalist in their band. He worked really hard to be ready to sing on all of their songs during the December show and did an awesome job. Now making sure he is comfortable with the three songs for recording, working out new harmonies, and having the band as a whole be clear on the updated arrangements, presents further challenges. Yet this band continues to be up to handling all of this! The extra layer of vocals which Dom brings to their overall sound is well worth all the extra effort.

Wade Corbin’s Bucket Brigade is also looking forward to following up their show stopping performance at the December show with a dramatic recording of their skills. This will be one of the most interesting recording experiences!

Learning how to record in a professional studio is one of the biggest, and most anticipated, opportunities of the IIM Rockers program. Students get to learn all the intricacies of how the recording process works. They quickly find out just how well they have prepared, as they are exposed to clear sonic reproductions of their work. It is often an eye opening chance to become better musicians, as well as bond more completely with their bandmates.