IIM Bands Revel in a New Studio Experience

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Immersed In Music Academy is thrilled to have the opportunity for our Rockers and Rockers Prep musicians to experience a new recording studio.

During the last five years, our students have had a wonderful time in the intimate environment of the Greenhouse Studio in Hummelstown. This year, we have the opportunity to move their experience to a much higher level, thanks to Joe Trojcak, owner of Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios. Joe, along with Jay Kirssin, IIM staff member and producer/recording engineer for Progressive, are giving our students a first class peek into the world of professional recording.

Joe Trojcak is a professor at Lebanon Valley College and an Adjunct Professor at Harrisburg Area Community College, as well as a multi keyboardist, composer, engineer, and owner/operator of Progressive Enterprises. For 32 years, Joe’s focus has been on creating and developing an outstanding audio space in which musicians are able to capture their music.

Professional engineers have chosen to work at Progressive because of just how good it sounds!  Over the last 33+ years, Progressive Studios has been recording music that has been sold internationally.  Voice over work and TV documentaries have also been recorded at Progressive.  With over 200 artists having recorded at Progressive and the monetary investments that have been made in gear and design of the space, it is truly an honor to be able to work in such a studio.

Progressive Studios has also developed a unique bridge between small business and education. Students from universities and colleges, including Berkeley School of Music, Temple University, and Mansfield University have taken internships at Progressive.

The level of quality that has been captured at Progressive – in the equipment, with the staff, through the sonic ambiance of the space, and the excellence of instruction for student interns – easily makes it one of the best places to record in central PA.