IIM Announces New Online Classes

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Immersed In Music is excited to announce that we will begin to offer 6-week online classes beginning November 9. Two of these, “The Rhythm Method” and “Remote Recording in the Time of Covid,” will be offered back to back on Tuesday evenings, so students will have the option of participating in both classes if they want.

“The Rhythm Method: Understanding Rhythmic Layers and How the Puzzle Pieces Fit Together to Make a Song” will highlight all the various musical nuances that hold a song together: “Are we pushing or pulling?”; “Bringing it down or kicking it in?”; “Walking all over it or letting it breathe?”; “Who’s got the hook?”; “On the down or the up?” Communication among bandmates makes all the difference, in both studio and live music situations.

The class will also delve into how to utilize these techniques in song composition. Throughout the class, students will get to interact with (and enjoy) Wade’s unique style of teaching!

“Remote Recording in the Time of Covid” will feature hands-on recording work using free downloadable software. Using these tools, students will be able to work on their own musical creations.

The class will cover topics like file exchange, timing and synchronizing, recording formats, and dynamic range. Jay Kirssin, IIM’s recording engineer extraordinaire, will lead students through the basics of these recording processes, which have been made more challenging during the pandemic.

Both classes will run every Tuesday evening between November 9 and December 15. Check out all the details by going to our website immersedinmusic.com/classes. Registration and online payments can be accessed there.