IIM Announces New Master Class

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Are you an artist looking for the opportunity to take your dreams to the next level?

Immersed In Music is very excited to announce the creation of its newest Rockers Master Class. Whether you are a solo performer, duo, or full band, the goal of this experience is to offer the chance to achieve higher goals for yourself, focusing on one or more of three different areas: Studio Recording, Live Shows, and Music Business.

Artists will meet with an appropriate team from our staff who have years of experience in all three of these areas. Together we will explore which goals you are aspiring to reach. Then staff members will work with you to craft an individualized program that will meet your needs, and make recommendations about a realistic timeline for achieving them.

A variety of IIM staff members will advise and mentor you on how to achieve your stated goals, meeting once or twice each week to guide you through the process. You will be shown why and how to take the necessary steps, so you can internalize how to navigate them in the future.

Studio Recording will focus on how to prepare for a release. Staff will share their expertise to help you with organizing a cohesive collection of music, rehearsing for studio work, making demos, copyrighting, and distribution. They will also help develop a marketing strategy that will fit your time and budget to maximize exposure and sales.

The Live Shows concentration can help whether you are prepping for your first live performance or aiming to push your presentation to the next level. From booking and set list development to learning how to connect with your audience on a bigger stage, our staff can help you navigate the best way to create success with your goals.

The Music Business arm of our program covers concepts from branding to marketing, and from contracts to copyrighting. It is designed to help you maximize your earning potential, no matter what level you are operating on. Our primary focus is to help you navigate the music business world in all its complexity.

Pricing is determined on a per artist basis and will be worked out as a part of the goal setting process. If you are interested in further information, please email us at info@immersedinmusic.com or call us at (717) 461-3440.