IIM 2019 Summer Camp Registrations Are Now Open

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IIM is excited to announce that our 2019 Summer Camp offerings are now available on our website. Along with the Drumming, Rockers, and Young Rockers camps that we have done in past years, we have added a number of new camps.

Jay Kirssin will be teaching week long full day camps on an “Introduction to Performance Sound Systems”, “Recording at Home”, and Learning How to Mix. The Sound System camp offers a beginner’s guide to everything the budding sound engineer needs to set up and operate a performance sound system. “Recording At Home – Garage Bands and the Basement Tapes” is filled with loads of practical information and hands on experience about how to record music in your home or garage. Then for older students looking to learn how to take their raw recorded or live music and mix it to professional standards, “Mix With Your Ears (the Whole Deal)” will provide students interested in sound engineering with everything they need.

Camela Widad, our talented vocal instructor, is offering two half-day morning camps. “Let’s Sing” features basic vocal techniques for developing 8-12 year old students. “Sing It Out” is a camp for 12-18-year-old vocalists who have some experience and are looking to deepen and expand their understanding of basic skills. Both camps feature an end-of-week performance, during which each camper will be able to shine.

If blogs, concert and song reviews, and musician interviews interest you, Anwar Curtis is sharing his writing skills in these areas in a half-day camp called, “Music Blogging with a Purpose.” This camp is for students who have a love of both music and writing, giving them an outlet for expressing their opinions through online journalism. The camp will conclude on Friday with choosing some of the week’s creations and publishing them online.

As mentioned above, Habiba Miller and Alex Valsing will reprise the popular Young Rockers and Rockers camps, assisted by Anwar Curtis. The Young Rockers camp provides a chance for young musicians to experiment with different instruments and have fun with learning and performing in front of an audience. The Rockers camp is for students who are ready to concentrate on one primary instrument and dive into the more advanced Rockers’ world of teaching themselves covers, playing as a group, and managing the sometimes complicated interpersonal relationships within a band. Both camps are supervised by two of IIM’s premier instructors.

Finally, Wade Corbin will again feature his FUNdamental Drumming 1 and 2 half-day camps. These camps teach students everything from how to set up a drum kit and basic hand and foot techniques to timing, tempo, and simple charting. All FUNdamental Drumming camps include an end-of-week performance, which highlight all their new skills and the fun they had during the camp.

Early bird pricing for students signing up between now and end of April is available for all camps. Check out the complete descriptions and dates/times on our website: http://immersedinmusic.com.

If you are interested in additional information, please email us at info@immersedinmusic.com or call us at (717) 461-3440.

Come join the fun of an Immersed In Music Summer Camp, while hanging out with friends new and old, who are building their musical, engineering, and writing skills!