Here we go!

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So a lot has happened in the last few weeks so this could be a bit long (just a warning).  Since the last post we have done the orientations and they went very well.  It was really great meeting all of the new students and the parents as well as seeing all of the returning kids.  Just an aside, parents you need to some how keep those kids from growing up… It’s making me feel old and I certainly don’t need that!  Some things have changed from last year, the kids will hopefully play a few more shows this year including one private mid year show for students and families, the preparation for the CD’s will start week 1 and the number of bands has doubled! We will continue to challenge the kids to make sure they have a strong foundation to navigate in the  music business at what ever level they choose.

We have finished placing the students in their respective bands. This year the returning students had input on the incoming students, they made their recommendations and all were considered.  The year is shaping up to be another enjoyable year and we have been impressed with the level of preparations of all of the students.  The kids had, at most, 2 weeks to learn a song and have it ready for placements.  For the returning kids, I don’t think they were as nervous as last years and there was an overall calmness and a new level of confidence. As for the new students, they did an amazing job! Most were nervous in the beginning but did great despite their nerves.  Most parents understand why we do this but I feel the need to highlight why we do this.  Simply we need to understand the kids and assess where they are with playing and communication.  This give us the opportunity to see the students at their most stressed and allows us to judge the best way to approach the student and help them through these times effectively.

See you guys and girls Tuesday

Rick B