Getting ready

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So today started quite early for some of us, we all met at the school and took inventory of what needs work and what we have.  Since we are growing this year we have needed to pick up a few items so each room is equipped with enough gear and we need to figure out where we are going to store all of this stuff.  A big thank you to Wade and Dave for their efforts today.  While all of that was going on our web designer was working diligently on the site on her vacation (talk about dedication!) so we want to send a big thank you out to Randee for everything she is doing.

Lesson plans have been reviewed and schedules are being finalized, we are almost ready!!! Personally this is my favorite time of the the year, all of the hope, all of the excitement and all of the new gear to play with! I have to say I feel like a kid again walking into a music store and seeing a new amp I had only read about before.  I am so excited, I hope you and your kids are too!