First Week of Live Shows–The Bands Get To Show Off Their Talents!

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Eight Immersed in Music bands kicked off the first week of live shows, wowing the crowds with their musical abilities and entertaining them with their on stage presence.

On Sunday at the Winner’s Circle Saloon at the Holiday Inn, Granville, The Watergate, Radioactive Warriors, Babies in Space, GEHM and The Drum Ensemble played to a full house. The Watergate opened the afternoon with their all original music, featuring several songs from their upcoming CD. The Radioactive Warriors and Babies in Space, Young Rockers and Advanced Young Rockers, worked through their nervousness and showed how they have learned to work together, all while having a great time on stage. GEHM rocked the house with songs featuring everyone from Coldplay to Guns and Roses. Finally, The Drum Ensemble closed out the show with their Star Wars medley, the final portion of which, band member Michael Finnerty arranged and charted.

On Tuesday evening, The French Fries, Fever and Soft Lemonade came into the Midtown Tavern and entertained a full house there also. Families, friends, the wait staff and even neighborhood patrons were enthusiastic in their support of the kids.

IIM will do it all over again at the Midtown next Tuesday, May 29, highlighting the skills of four different bands, so come out at 6:30 pm and enjoy an evening of great music, food and drinks!