First Week in the Studio Is a Big Success

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Two bands initiated a new era in Immersed In Music as we started recording at Progressive Studios, which is located just outside of Hershey.  They had a great week of laying down basic tracks for the songs they each will be placing on the IIM 2018-19 compilation CD.

PurpleGreenEctoplasmDucksFromMars and The Breads took turns recording drums Monday and Tuesday this week, then moved on to bass guitar to complete the rhythm tracks for each of their songs. The Breads will return to the studio on Saturday to work on keyboards, guitars and vocals, as they are ready.

Progressive Studios offers an opportunity for all the students to experience a whole new level of professionalism, working with recording engineer Jay Kirssin. Band members got to spread out and experience the challenges and rewards of working in a larger environment. Sound and Studio Engineering students got “hands on experience” working with Jay, and really had fun applying their classroom work to real time learning.

We can’t wait to hear the amazing results of their time in the studio and are so excited for the other bands to get their time to shine in this incredible facility.