Drum Ensemble Takes a New Direction This Year

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Immersed In Music is really excited to announce a new direction for this year’s Drum Ensemble. Under the ever-present direction of staff member Wade Corbin, Ensemble veteran Michael Finnerty is putting the finishing touches on an original composition.

During the second semester last year, Michael worked on his own to piece together the final section of their Star Wars medley. We were all extremely proud of him as the Ensemble learned, practiced, and performed their medley at the year’s final live performances, highlighting Michael’s part in the closing section.

In an expansion of what some of our Rockers bands have done when they jumped into composing original material, Michael has challenged himself to compose a full score for the Ensemble.

In writing this year’s original piece, Michael is drawing from his eight years of drum instruction and, more recently, five months working with EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This recent influence has given Michael a new direction and appreciation of music.

We currently have spaces available for drummers wanting to be part of this year’s experience. For more information about Drum Ensemble, check out a complete description at http://immersedinmusic.com/what-we-offer/courses-2/drum-ensemble-fall/.