Dress Rehearsals and Live Shows Coming Up

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Sound Engineering students are finally getting to apply everything they have been learning from Jay. They are setting up the stage and running the sound board, as bands are getting a chance to practice their live show on stage in preparation for next week’s public performances.

Every IIM band, from the innocent Young Rockers bands to the oldest, most experienced Rockers groups, will be showcasing their talents next week on Monday, December 17 and Tuesday, December 18 at 6:30 pm at Londonderry School. These bands are supercharged to put on a good show, so come out and enjoy it with them!

The purpose of these performances is to give all the bands an opportunity to present the songs that they have worked on since September. For the Young Rockers, it’s a chance to be in front of an audience and to begin to learn how to manage nervousness and harness that energy into an exciting performance. For Rockers Prep and Rockers bands, next week’s live shows offer the added opportunity of finding out if the songs they have worked on so hard are ready to take into the recording studio in January and February.

One of the main benefits of the Immersed In Music program is the chance for Rockers Prep and Rockers students to have the experience of working in an actual recording studio. This year, students will be entering Joe Trojcak’s Progressive Studio, one of the area’s premier, state of the art recording venues. Jay Kirssin, HACC professor and IIM staff member, will engineer these sessions, with the help of Henry, Alex, and Denim, our 10-month Sound Engineering students.