Communication . . . and hard work!

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Ideas continue to flow. Some groups are moving fast with solidifying new songs and others have hit pockets of frustration as they work together – this is normal! All of the students are learning how to resolve conflicts by expressing how they feel and listening to the other members’ concerns.

This process of learning to solve internal problems is a key aspect of the IIM program. As the staff often tells the students: bands that are successful are made up of people who have figured out how to communicate in the stressful, and often frustrating, situations that the music world throws at them.

One band this week was struggling with agreeing on a new song. Frustrations were running high. Their drummer was sick, so they were faced with a fairness question, as well as the pressure of making a choice so they could all practice before next week. They went round and round discussing their ideas, and settled on a song they all liked. Then one of them mentioned that the drummer would not like it. They discussed going ahead with their choice and giving him a free pick for their next song. In the end, they changed their choice and decided on a song they knew he would like.

Another band hit major frustration working on a new song. They practiced the introduction, verse, and chorus over and over. It got better because of how hard they were working, communicating and compromising. Then, they hit a snag. The second verse had a different rhythm pattern and there was even confusion about exactly what the pattern should be. The staff encouraged them to step back from it, shake out the stress and then try again. They did that, tried again, got closer, but still not right. So, in the end, they decided to stop for the night and try again the next rehearsal.

Both situations show different results out of the night. But, in both cases, the band members worked as a team, talked to each other, and supported each other. Those are all traits that help bands thrive. And all this happened in Week 5!