Charlemagne in the Studio, Everyone Else Rehearsing Hard

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Charlemagne hit the studio this week for a very productive four days. They got three drum tracks and two bass tracks finished the first night as Jackson and Alex came in well prepared. With the rest of the band cutting scratch tracks for reference, they left on Monday having completed a solid foundation for the remainder of the week’s sessions

On Tuesday, Alex finished his bass work and Jack got started on the guitar tracks, which he then finished on Wednesday. David, their newest member, worked on Thursday night to get keyboards onto the 3 songs. The band will return next month to add more layers of sound and record. Yusuf and Jolie’s finished vocals.

Back at school, all the other bands spent time rehearsing during their regular Monday and Tuesday times. Babies in Space, Lemonade, The Anonymous Penguins, Amplify Overload and The Drum Ensemble all spent significant time working on new songs during their rehearsal times. The Radioactive Warriors sorted through song choices to come up with their 4th song, Imagine Dragons’ “Whatever It Takes.”

The French Fries head into the studio next week, so they spent their time working hard to fine tune their songs in preparation. As each band discovers when they are getting close to their scheduled studio time, they need to break their songs into smaller sections and double check that everyone is in sync.