Black Bandits Stay Together For a Second Year

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The Black Bandits had so much fun together in the Rockers Prep program last year that they have come back together this year to build on that success, as they now move into being a Rockers band.

Jayla has returned as the vocalist and main front person, armed with a new confidence acquired from the end-of-year live shows and regular vocal lessons with IIM’s vocal instructor, Camela Kraemer. Cooper and Clark, on drums and bass respectively, are holding down the bottom end again. They are really working well together, and it’s very clear that both of them have matured musically throughout the summer months.

Charlie has worked really hard on continuing to improve his chops on guitar and Sophie is shining on new keyboard parts and even adding some backing vocals as the band is challenging themselves to push to higher levels of musicianship.

They have spent time during the first two months of rehearsals revisiting songs that brought them a big crowd response last year, as well as adding new material to take into the studio. Last year, as a Rockers Prep band, they recorded one song for the compilation CD. This year in Rockers, they get to record three.

The one song that was their biggest hit playing live was AC/DC’s “TNT.” That is one of the three songs that they plan to take into the studio this year. They have also added “Father of Mine,” by¬† Everclear, and are considering “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” by Nirvana.

The Black Bandits have the potential to go far as a Rockers band. Their musical chemistry and enjoyment of their friendships is obvious. By continuing to work together, growing as young musicians, and learning how to solve their inevitable differences and disagreements in a positive way, they are establishing a foundation for a great future.