Beginning Home Recording – Garage Bands and Basement Tapes

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Jay Kirssin, IIM’s sound engineer extraordinaire, is offering an online “camp” for Beginning Sound Engineers. He is offering flexible scheduling for this, as well as making himself available on two different weeks.

This 5 day, 3 hours/day opportunity answers the question: Are you looking to do recording at home, either for yourself, your own band, or a client? This camp is designed for exactly that purpose! Sound Engineering software that students will be able to download to their computers will allow this to be a hands-on experience for every participant.

Jay has over 40 years of experience as a musician, teacher, and engineer. On the production side, Jay has been involved in the creation of over 1,300 records. Many local and regional performers, composers, and bands have sought out Jay to oversee their projects in the studio and to engineer their live concerts.

He is offering to schedule two different weeks, July 20-24 and Aug 10-14, from 10:30am-1:30pm. He is also willing to be flexible and arrange a 5 day schedule that is mutually acceptable. Contact Jay directly at 717-422-2834 (phone) or (email) to arrange scheduling. This incredible opportunity is only $150 for the camp!

For more information about our 2020 Summer camp options, go to our website at