Bands Work Hard To Pull Together For First Shows

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The bands are facing many different challenges as they prepare for the first shows of the year. And every band is responding with determination!

For some, the members are working to fine tune their music, as they push themselves to present the best product they can. For them, they are focused on putting on the best show they can, in terms of both musicality and production. These bands will be the first ones to go into the studio starting in January.

For others, the challenges are a result of a few students having extended illnesses or vacations that are limiting their ability to all practice together. In these cases, the remaining members are continuing to rehearse in order to keep the momentum moving forward. In one case, the band has had their drummer drop out and they are committed to continuing on together, choosing to see the adversity as a bonding experience.

And in the Young Rockers bands, many of the new students are beginning to deal with a building nervousness, as they prepare to perform in public for the first time.

Once again, the Immersed in Music bands are facing real life obstacles and the students are learning how to rely on each other, as they work together to overcome challenges in order to achieve their goals.