Bands Go Into Full Swing With First Songs

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After choosing first songs last week, or, as in the case of Orbit, introducing new members to last year’s set list, bands kicked into full swing as they worked through their new songs in earnest.

One of the most important things for the bands to do as they begin learning a new song is to chart out the chords and structure, so everyone knows how they are going to play it. Although some groups got a start on first songs last week, that became the main focus of their rehearsals this week.

Young Rockers have charts provided for them, but Advanced Young Rockers had never experienced this before. Staff members taught them how to research and write chord charts, and to listen for the structure. They then jumped in and got underway with the song.

Many of the Rockers are familiar with this same planning process, but it still takes practice and repetition. It’s important to write out a chart, even if the band is figuring it out as they play together. Everyone needs to have a written reference as they accumulate more material, because questions arise from week to week, and new ideas come up and need to documented. These charts also help the recording engineers once bands go into the studio.

Overall, it was another fun, successful week, as everyone began to settle into their new bands.