Week 8 Review

All of the bands now have their names chosen but one! The kids are more focused then we have seen them all year. An amazing cohesiveness has formed with all of the bands and most of them are really communicating … Continued

Week 4 in Review

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In our first four weeks this year we have already seen a lot of growth from the kids! We have had our normal amount of frustrations but every band is clearly focused on what they need to do! Week 4 … Continued

Week 1

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Hello everyone! We had a great week and all of the teachers were very impressed.  They kids started out being grouped, had a quick bit to eat and then moved into rhythm class.  After the 15 or so minutes (because … Continued

Here we go!

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So a lot has happened in the last few weeks so this could be a bit long (just a warning).  Since the last post we have done the orientations and they went very well.  It was really great meeting all … Continued

Getting Closer

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So many things have been happening over the last few days. From phone calls from staff members while they are on the road to considering how to add another band to the mix.  We are all very excited!  As you … Continued

Getting ready

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So today started quite early for some of us, we all met at the school and took inventory of what needs work and what we have.  Since we are growing this year we have needed to pick up a few … Continued

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