And The Bands Are Off To An Awesome Start!

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Monday and Tuesday marked the first nights of rehearsals for all Immersed In Music bands and everyone is excited about the start of the new program year!

Young Rockers bands featured an opportunity for the newest musicians to pick their first song and plan which instrument they want to play to get started. Students spent the first 20 minutes of rehearsal getting to know each other and doing some rhythm activities, then moved on to pick songs and instruments.  They listened to song possibilities and worked together to choose one. By the end of the rehearsal, they were off and running.

Rockers Prep students got started by learning the basics of setting up their own equipment for the first time. Then they worked together to choose their first song, got some help from staff on how to research their individual parts, and started the process of putting those parts together.

Rockers bands got some coaching on setting up equipment safely and then jumped into the challenge of song selection and rehearsal.

For everyone, getting to know their bandmates takes some time and will be an ongoing process. Staff members are on hand to facilitate and use the information gleaned from Placements and previous years’ experiences to help the musicians learn how to communicate with each other, both musically and personally.