A Big Thank You To Progressive Enterprises As Bands Finish Recording!

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IIM sends a big shout out to Joe Trojcak, Jay Kirssin and everyone at Progressive Enterprises for another great experience recording IIM Rockers bands. For the second year in a row, Joe and his staff made our students feel welcome and gave them the opportunity to experience first hand what it’s like to record in a first class studio.

Musicians from This Band Has No Name recorded keyboard and guitar tracks to finish the last of their time in the studio. Jonathan laid down his final guitar tracks and new band member Abie added keys to This Band Has No Name tracks. Abie only joined IIM at the beginning of February, and he and his band have worked really hard to add him into their songs. He did an amazing job preparing and laying down his parts.

Several of our vocalists are in the midst of school productions, so remaining vocal recording will be done in coming weeks. The next step will involve mixing, as these raw tracks make their way to being finished songs for the 2020 Compilation CD.

All bands return to a regular rehearsal schedule this coming week and it is now time to begin adding songs to fill out their setlists in preparation for the end of year live shows. This is the time of the year when bands have bonded from their studio experiences and can really get down to the fun of putting together new material.