“4 Times the Fun” Are Living Up to Their Name and Rockers Prepare For the Studio

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Advanced Young Rockers is the transition level between the introductory, experimental experience of Young Rockers and the self motivated, band member driven Rockers level. Young Rockers features beginning musicians having the opportunity to try out different instruments and get direct staff assistance. Rockers encourages students to take the initiative in song choices, self instruction, and inter-band communication.

The Advanced Young Rockers band 4 Times the Fun has band members who are making that transition by narrowing down their instrument choices to one or two. They are guided by staff on identifying song structures, time signatures, and chord and drum charting, while they are encouraged to relax and have fun together.

Amalie is an awesome drummer, who also plays keys. Eddie LOVES to play drums and takes turns switching with Amalie on keys. Grace can’t get enough of being a vocalist, is learning how to be a front person, and works hard with Habiba on both her singing and her stage presence.  Zachary doesn’t want to play anything but bass. We sometimes think he would take his bass with him everywhere, if he was allowed.

Together, 4 Times the Fun has tackled songs by Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5. Just recently, they have started learning “Something To Believe In,” by Young the Giant. This group is extremely talented and dedicated and we are all excited to watch them grow into musicians that work well as a group, while continuing to live up to their name!

As all bands are preparing for their first live shows December 16 and 17, the Rockers are first and foremost focusing on the three songs they plan on recording.

A big benefit of the Rockers program is the ability for students to record three songs in a real recording studio. Thanks to the wonderful support IIM receives from Joe Trojcak, owner of Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios, along with IIM’s own Jay Kirssin, Rockers’ students get to have a premier, professional experience in this state of the art studio.

The first bands will hit Progressive Studios the week of January 20, 2020, and continue through the month of February.  Stay tuned for more information about this amazing opportunity.